Arab Health - Warm-up of Dubai Exhibition

2021-12-31 18:44

Arab Health is one of the largest and professional comprehensive medical device exhibitions in the world. It is also the leading exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. The 47th Arab Health Exhibition will be held at Dubai International Exhibition Center, UAE from January 24 to 27, 2022.

In this exhibition, Jusha Medical will display a full range of medical products that can meet the use needs of different scenes and hospital departments. The products include professional medical radiation diagnostic displays with high brightness, high resolution, high gray scale and high contrast - 3MP and 5MP single-screen displays, 6MP displays with patented dual screen image seamless display technology, and 12MP high-end displays perfect for simultaneous diagnosis of dual breast images. In addition, the endoscope display with the characteristics of high definition, high color restoration, high protection level and wide viewing angle will also be displayed.

In addition to professional medical display products, the INSIGHT series CT high-pressure syringes independently developed by Jusha will also be displayed. Appearing in the International Exhibition for the first time, the INSIGHT series CT high-pressure syringes have a number of core technology invention patents as strong support, and its performance has reached the world-class level, which marks that Jusha has stepped onto the stage of high-end equipment in the field of medical imaging in the world. The body shape of Jusha insight series high-pressure syringe is like a girl's flying and brisk dance, implying that Jusha hopes that patients all over the world can radiate vitality again.

Jusha Medical always adheres to customer-centered and uses advanced scientific and technological means to provide more technical convenience for medical practitioners. Jusha, fight for human health and struggle, never-ending!

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