Youth education base

2021-07-23 17:57

Youth social practice base is the second classroom for children to grow up, and also an important platform for youth education.

Under the influence of the epidemic, we still hosted the children from the Middle School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University on June 8th, and 40 international students from various places on June 17th respectively .

In the exhibition hall of Jusha Medical Headquarters, the students learned the basic medical equipment knowledge through vivid words, videos and pictures, acquired a deeper understanding of medical displays, medical X-ray.

Through this activity, we hope young people will be deeply affected by the development of Chinese science's technology in the globle village and will be aware of the hard-won New China. We also hope to guide them to learn from history and practice, thus to establish lofty ideals and beliefs and contribute to the prosperity of the country.


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