Under the party banner

2021-06-30 17:20

On June 20, 2021, the Jiangsu United Front celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. As a private enterprise, Jusha was invited to participate in the performance as The grand finale, it is not only the recognition of the technological ability of our enterprise, but also the recognition of the values of the Jusha medical enterprises.

As the program host said at the opening ceremony: only by staying true to our original aspiration, can we continue to move forward. The hammer knocked up the sleeping lion, the sickle cut the glimmer of dawn, in the sunshine of June, we looked back, the sky of the morning glow reflected the red face, the concert opened in the passionate songs. Red stage, red June, the melody from the distant and near converges into a surging torrent, will bring the audience into the revolutionary years of the dream to set sail.

The whole concert came to an end, a river of flying red flags overflowed the stage and the theater became a sea of red. After weeks of hard rehearsals and preparation, the Jusha Medical staff contributed the grand finale chorus and other programs in the Sunday tribute event, which won unanimous praise from the audience. These participants in the performance also said that they must work hard in the future work and strive to be strivers and dreamers in the new era.

Jusha people seek truth from facts, self-reliance, hard work, united and cooperative. In order to fulfill the mission, they are not afraid of hardship, they are not afraid of risks, they will fight tenaciously, they will courageously practice. Every work that the party organization gives to us should be done the best!



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