fight against the disease, Jusha is there all the time

2020-03-17 10:46

In the current epidemic, Jusha chooses to go hand in hand. In response to the call of government, Jusha Medical donated three batches of Jusha Medical high-resolution professional display systems to Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital, in a total of 32 sets. The donated Jusha Medical high-resolution professional display systems can be used for pre-screening, diagnosis, and prognostic review of novel coronavirus, which will help improve the diagnosis accuracy of novel coronavirus–infected pneumonia (NCIP). In addition, Jusha's foreign offices in the United Kingdom, India, Dubai and other countries purchased medical protective materials locally and shipped them back to China. They donated 25,000 pairs of masks, alcohol, goggles, protective clothing, thermometer and other protective equipment to medical staff at major hospitals in the country and dozens of institutions in Nanjing. Jusha Medical brings its overseas offices together to serve the epidemic protection and overcome the difficulties with the motherland!

Jusha display system is used for NCIP return visit. On March 3, 2020, when CCTV's "News Network" broadcast the news about the NCIP return visit policy, the monitor used for the return visit diagnosis was the professional medical monitor of Jusha. Jusha Medical professional high-resolution image display system can ensure the precise display requirements of medical images from the display terminal, so that it can better display the lesions and improve the diagnosis efficiency for doctors.

Jusha helped the construction of the key laboratory of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. On March 3, 2020, Li Yuanyuan, president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that a key laboratory for the prevention and control of infectious diseases with zoonotic diseases is under construction, which will gather forces from all sides to play a role in promoting scientific research to fight the epidemic. Jusha Medical professional display system has excellent performance such as high resolution and high grayscale, which can assist laboratory diagnosis and promote the development of epidemic situation with professional technology.

Jusha escorts Jiangsu-Huangshi remote consultation. Huangshi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (municipal hospital of infectious diseases) is the "Xiaotangshan" Hospital of Huangshi. It has the largest number of patients in Huangshi and is also the hospital with the most critical patients. In response to the call of government, Jiangsu provides support to Huangshi. In addition to sending several medical teams to support the front line, Jiangsu and Huangshi also established a remote consultation platform.

On February 16, 2020, Professor Ju Shenghong, Director of the Department of Radiology, Zhongda Hospital Southeast University, read the first CT image transmitted from the Hubei Huangshi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Jusha Medical display system is being used in the picture), after detailed diagnosis, the Imaging Department of Huangshi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (municipal hospital of infectious diseases) received the first CT report form sent by Professor Ju within half an hour.

Jusha assisted Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital to provide remote imaging diagnosis to Huangshi. On the evening of February 15th, after receiving the "Notice on Organizing Medical Staff to Provide Internet Consultation and Imaging Diagnosis Services to Residents of Hubei Province" by the Jiangsu Commission of Health, the Medical Imaging Department of Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital quickly mobilized, in a short period of time, 18 doctors, including the director of the department, Professor Zhang Bing, with the title of deputy chief physician or above, were called to remotely “attending the war” - providing remote imaging diagnostic services to Huangshi, Hubei. The Jusha high-resolution medical display system used by the Radiology Department of Drum Tower Hospital has the patented Jusha color grayscale adaptive patented technology, which can better provide doctors with technical support for color and grayscale image diagnosis.

In order to cope with difficult cases in Hubei, the Medical Imaging Department also specially opened the “Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital Remote Imaging Diagnosis Center” constructed by Jusha located in the library. Relevant experts in the department or inside and outside the hospital can be organized here for imaging consultations to provide better services for patients with NCIP in Huangshi.

Not born to be brave, Jusha is fearless

Jusha has supported customers on a global scale, using advanced technology to provide medical staff with more technical convenience, and thereby relieve patients' pain to the greatest extent. Jusha professional medical displays will continue to escort for accurate and efficient diagnosis, and cooperate with doctors to effectively perform pre-screening, diagnosis and prognosis review of NCIP.

Where there is a call, there is a response In order to win the battle of epidemic prevention, Jusha will fight without fear! Invincible!

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