Double-flowered - Memoir of JUSHA’s December International Exhibitions

2019-12-24 10:59

Between every end of November and the beginning of December, it is the busiest time for JUSHA to engage itself in various international exhibitions. From Dusseldorf’s Medica to Chicago’s RSNA, two most influential medical exhibitions in the world have just been closed. But soon, the Zdravookhraneniye 2019, exhibition for health care will be held in Moscow, as well as the 21st National Conference of Society of Indian Radiographers (NCSIR) which will take place in Hyderabad. The whole December, JUSHA has been fighting for the global health care issues.

Zdravookhraneniye, Moscow

Russia is a member of the BRICS and the WTO. China has been Russia’s largest trading partner and is welcomed by Russian market. Russia has a huge need for medical products. However, the medical industry has been on slow pace and the product capacity fails to catch up with the demands. Approximately 27 thousand medical and health care institutions registered in Russia, offering a total value of more than 287.6 billion rubles. Commercial medical services are growing under an average yearly increase rate of 6%. In the Russian far east, imported medical products cover 80% of the medical market and 80% of the local medical products consumption.

This year’s exhibition has been divided into 12 halls, naming hall 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, F, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, and 7.5. Total 630 companies from over 30 countries and regions are attracted to come, including companies from Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, South Korea, Malaysia, China, and Spain. And nearly ten thousand experienced and qualified professionals and clients are interested to be present.

The stuff JUSHA would like to present with pride for this year’s exhibition includes: 2M and 6M Full HD Resolution Medical Professional Monitors, 2M and 5M Gray Scale Medical Professional Monitors, 19 ", 22 ", 24 ", and 26 " Professional Endoscopy Monitors. They have excellent resolution, brightness, and 16bit gray scale(65536), equipped with DICOM standard LUT, and can be applied to sophisticated clinical diagnosis for their detailed medical images. The remote quality control system also allows to monitor and control all JUSHA’s monitors status remotely via the computer network, which gives the doctors the best experience when examining the images and greatly improves the diagnostic accuracy.

Besides monitors, JUSHA also leaves a surprise with its infection control series. The multi-enzyme detergent, moisturizing gel agent, non-woven fabric, steam chemical integrator, BD test kit...if monitors are swords that need years to be polished before they shine through clouds and win applause; the infection control family are more like resounding river flows, forceful but gentle, sharp but reliable. Cleaning, packaging, sterilizing, and testing, JUSHA will guard you against every cross infection in the hospital and ensure you comprehensive safety.

NCSIR in Hyderabad

The Indian market is the most populous market and one of the first markets JUSHA adventured. India scores good among the developing countries for its health care and is also renowned in global medicine. Almost all big hospitals in India are collaborating with JUSHA. In addition, JUSHA Medical was rewarded with the Best Academic Report for the NCSIR2018.

JUSHA has their footprints all over India: Apollo Hospitals, perhaps the world’s largest private hospital - with over the thousand open beds and over 1900 chain drug stores, may be the symbol of “comfortable” and the “international standard”; Bangalore, the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and better known as "Silicon Valley of India", has received and treated numerous foreign patients over the past years, and here is also the place where JUSHA products shine; in the Center for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science - the largest neuroscience hospital in South Asia, some professional are already doing research with JUSHA’s latest 6M series and they are saying highly of JUSHA products; Max Medical Group, which was founded in 1985, has been one of India’s largest medical groups and VIP of JUSHA.

The annual National Conference of Society of Indian Radiographers (NCSIR) will be held from December 7 to 8 in Hyderabad. The conference has invited both domestic and international well-known teachers to share their precious experience and expertise, help doctors of clinical oncology and clinical radiology, and students under training or at schools. It is the most professional annual radiology conference in India. JUSHA as the only sponsor comes from China has drawn much attention from radiologists and practitioners of the art. The latest model of JUSHA in display, the professional in the C620G, featured with integrated dual screen, 16-bit gray scale, color/graphics adapter(CGA) , rapid brightness improvement, human body induction, ambient light induction, and prepositioning temperature correction, which has integrated some many advanced and practical technologies to one machine has won the unanimous recognition from the visiting experts.

Through participating in such a national radiologists conference, JUSHA has not only won attention and support from the country’s radiologists, but also got professional comments, which is crucial to the improve the overall marketing in the globe.

Memories are endless and JUSHA never stops going forward. Its story in this world has yet finished, and the fruits from 2019 will be our drive to fight for 2020 - serving more people who need health care.

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