Congratulations on Nanjing Jusha Medical Display Technology Co., Ltd. for Obtaining Two International Invention Patents under PCT

2019-07-10 11:04

Recently, two international invention patents under PCT, "Method Of Automatic Identification And Calibration Of Color And Grayscale Medical Images" (PCT/CN2015/076179) and "Method For Implementing Control Of DisplayOf Highlighted Area On Display" (PCT/CN2015/079435) applied byJusha Medical in 2015 were awardedpatents underPCT in the United States, marking the work of intellectual property protection of Jusha Medical has been in line with the international standards, and the company has been highly recognized by the International Patent Organization in terms of its key technologies.

Intellectual property right is an important safeguardfor enterprise innovation. Therefore, the application of intellectual property right is imperative. As a global high-tech enterprise in the medical sector, Jusha Medical has given full play to the guideline of "prevention is better than treatment" and has never lost sight of the importance of accumulation and management of intellectual property rights. The acquisition of these two international invention patents under PCT is the embodiment of the company's R&D and innovation strength, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the company to explore the overseas market, especially the market in the U.S. Such achievement is helpful forthe company to further perfect the intellectual property protection system, takefull advantages of intellectual property, and form a continuous innovation mechanism, thus enhancing the company's core competitiveness.


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