2019-06-14 23:22

The annual AFRICA HEALTH was held in Johannesburg from May 28th to 30th, 2019. JUSHA MEDICAL was present with the new products which have won the widespread praise of the visiting medical workers.

JUSHA MEDICAL have exhibited some attractive products including the 3MP workstation for general radiology and nuclear medicine, professional 5MP workstation for mammography diagnosis, high-end 6MP integrated image reporting room and 26-inch HD surgical monitor. All new products have achieved some practical one-click functions such as spotlights, reading lights and fast increase in brightness etc., aiming at improving the working environment for the radiologists, enhancing the working efficiency and assisting the patients to get the more accurate diagnosis result.

With the global layout of JUSHA MEDICAL in the past near ten years, we have owned quantities of customers in South Africa. In addition to those distributors who have maintained the long-term cooperation with us, many radiologists and technicians who have been interested in replacing professional medical monitors were also attracted to our exhibition booth. We believe that Jusha monitor will be installed in more terminal hospitals with the mission of serving more patients and medical workers in the near future.


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